About Foundation

In 2009, the ”Being Together” Foundation cooperated with the Academy of Fine Arts from Warsaw, the Holon Institute of Technology from Israel and Castle Cieszyn. The “Idea to Object, Object to Product” project, during which the collaboration occurred, was supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Young designers participating in the project, under the guidance of professor Gad Charny from the Holon Institute of Technology and professor Michał Stefanowski from the Academy of Fine Arts, designed products which would suit the needs of a social enterprise managed by the “Being Together” Foundation. The main aim of the social enterprise is to activate the unemployed. Currently, all the products manufactured in the  workshops of the “Being Together” Foundation are being sold and all the profits are intended for the foundation’s statutory objectives.

The exhibitions presenting the final effects of the project were organized in Poland, Israel, France and Germany. Under the guidance of professor Michał Stefanowski and dr Maciej Konopka the students, from the Academy of Fine Arts from Warsaw, worked on the brand and the packaging. The result of their work was the WellDone name and Weronika Woch’s idea of using cardboard tubes for packing the products.

Dr Maciej Konopka advised how to improve the foundation’s image. The pioneering idea, obtained the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme, which resulted in creating a complex and professional visualization of the WellDone brand, as well as designing new products. The next step is to create a Social Design Centre which will educate and promote the effects which can be achieved by social organizations which take the advantage of design in their activities.

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