Gravity Wine stand

Gravity – displays wine in an innovative and unexpected way. Smartly arranged bottles support a structure made of three wooden boards. Gravity can be folded so it does not take much space. It is made of solid oak wood which perfectly corresponds with the nobleness of wine. Distinctive details provide it with a final, exceptional and strong look.


Paweł Kowalski
Paweł Kowalski

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  • In stock: 75 pieces
  • Quantity in package: 1 szt


  • Weight with packaging: 985 dkg
  • Weight without packaging: 905 dkg
  • Height: 29 cm
  • Width: 13,50 cm

Shipping costs 1 piece:

  • Poczta polska: 11.00 PLN brutto
  • Kurier DPD: 18.00 PLN brutto

Cena: From 98.00 PLN

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