Set of felt coasters that will protect all your tables, countertops and furniture from stains and heat mark rings caused by coffee mugs, drink glasses, plates and other hot or cold containers. Sheepad design won first prize in the first National Challenge „Zaprojektuj Dobrą Rzecz” 2012. Jury has unanimously agreed that Sheepad fulfilled and met all „Zaprojektuj Dobrą Rzecz” requirements and criteria. It is original and functional, technically simple, ecologically friendly and can be produced in communal type of business. Sheepad is not only about work. It evokes positive emotions, it is also witty, cheerful and easily makes functional and funny gift! Sheepad adds to your home décor by bringing warmth and originality in small, artsy package. It is impossible not to like it. It catches attention, brings giggles and of course could be this perfect conversation starter.


Aleksandra Michałowska
Aleksandra Michałowska

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  • In stock: 100 pieces
  • Quantity in package: 1szt


  • Weight with packaging: 34 dkg
  • Weight without packaging: 120 dkg
  • Height: 14,6 cm
  • Width: 11 cm

Shipping costs 1 piece:

  • Poczta polska: 11.00 PLN brutto
  • Kurier DPD: 18.00 PLN brutto

Cena: 68.00 PLN

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